La Paulée Melbourne | 5th May

La Paulée Melbourne | 5th May

One of the biggest BYO wine lunches is coming to Melbourne for its debut event this May! We are incredibly excited to be hosting a traditional La Paulée here in Melbourne, to replicate the incredible celebration of harvest in Meursault, Burgundy. 

We pride ourselves on providing fine French wines to Australians and so we have now taken that step further and brought one of the biggest events of Burgundy here to celebrate all the hardworking and incredibly skilled winemakers of Victoria.

In a traditional sense, La Paulée de Meursault is a lunch celebrating the end of the grape harvest in Burgundy, France. Starting out as a very informal event held amongst only the winemakers, cellar workers, and close surrounding community. Over the years, it has grown to be an incredibly jovial and comradery driven event where winemakers and enthusiasts alike share in a bottle of their finest wines from their own cellars. While one winemaker pours you a glass of Meursault, you can turnaround and pour them a glass of your Volnay!

Here in Australia we are welcoming winemakers from across Victoria, along with wine enthusiasts, restaurateurs and sommeliers from across Australia to enjoy in this community style wine-sharing event as we provide a mouth-watering 6 course feast with live music.


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