Domaine Régis Minet

Domaine Régis Minet

Domaine Régis Minet is located in Pouilly-Fumé on the right bank of the Loire River, opposite Sancerre. It is the most easterly appellation of the Loire Valley with an ideal location and climate. It is arguably the premier producer of Sauvignon Blanc in the world.

Domaine Minet started in 1937 under Robert Minet. A barrel maker and farmer at the time, his passion for good wine motivated him to buy 1.5 hectares of vines in Pouilly-Sur-Loire. In 1976, Robert’s son Régis inherited the farm, which had already doubled in size. Steadily, Régis continued accumulating acreage and turned the farm into the Domaine which produces some of the most exciting Sauvignon Blanc wines in the region.

When Régis took over the farm, he shared his office with the farm horses – literally in the stables. But since his takeover, in step with his expansion, the Domaine has become a thoroughly modern enterprise, with the goal of extracting the essence of Pouilly-Fumé’s terrific, complex soils.

Domaine Régis Minet Wines

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Domaine Minet has twelve different plots of vineyards split between the villages of Pouilly-Sur-Loire and Saint-Andelain. The vines are grown on two major soil types, unique to the appellation, including the famous Kimmeridgian oyster shell marl. This brings a distinctive mineral taste to the crystalline, fresh wines of Pouilly-Fumé.  The second soil type is the clayey limestone which brings floral and fruit flavours to the wines.

The vineyards are grown organically. Grass covers the rows between the vines to protect the soils. It is something Régis is particularly dedicated to, as it is his father’s legacy.

Régis uses temperature controlled stainless steel vats and vinifies each plot separately. The wines are matured in these vats for an average of six months on lees, to keep that fresh, flavourful and aromatic taste that typifies the appellation.

The Domaine releases two cuvées of Sauvignon Blanc. The first one is the “Vielles Vignes” or Old Vines – this is a blend of different plots from vines 30 years old or more. This blend is the flagship of the Domaine and showcases the unique, fresh, crisp and flinty taste with a beautiful acidity, rounded by great texture. The second cuvée is the “Desert” which is made from the grapes of a single vineyard located on Kimmeridgian marl and oyster shell soil at slightly higher altitude.

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