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Domaine Dupraz Vines

Located in the lieu-dit of Reposoir à Apremont, the DUPRAZ domaine benefits from an atypical terroir. Its vines transmitted from father to son since 1880 perfectly express these particular climates of Savoie.

Since the inception of the domaine in 1880 by François Dupraz, the Dupraz family has remained established in Le Reposoir building upon their estate, which was formally part of the Chambéry hospices. Michel Dupraz, grandson to François, brought the professional business side to the domaine, planting a third of the vines still cultivated today while establishing a strong reputation of the region.

Currently, the 5th generation, Marc Dupraz, is in ownership of the domaine with his sons, Jérémy and Maxime, working with passion and respect as the winemakers running all operations. Over these past few years, Jérémy and Maxime have worked to reinstate elements of their family history, starting with reclaiming Michel’s former cellars in 2014, which had been part of the local co-op from 1957 to 2003. They followed on with also reclaiming their uncle Jean Dupraz’s vineyards, also a part of the co-op, that same year. Today, Domaine Dupraz hosts 18.5 ha of vineyards on the same slopes where François began, in the lieu dit of Reposoir.

Domaine Dupraz Wines

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Domaine Dupraz Wines
Domaine Dupraz Wines

Domaine Dupraz consists of 18-hectares of vineyards all located in Savoie on the foothills of the Chartreuse massif in Apremont. Situated at an altitude between 350 and 450 metres on steep slopes, the estate has practised natural grassing since the 1980s. This approach, which respects the environment, has enabled the Dupraz family to greatly reduce the number of treatments on the vines while also allowing the grassing to help provide food and a source of life while preventing soil erosion. Their choices of natural cultures allow for their grapes (which are hand-harvested) to express the terroirs as faithfully as possible.

Initially named “le vieux coteaux” (the old hillside) by Michel, le Reposoir has a very special history with its position and its altitude. Oriented to the east, facing the rising sun, it is much more qualitative for gentle ripening, as well as allowing the estate to benefit from regular and light winds. These two characteristics make it possible to obtain healthier vines while being certified organic.

To further divulge the terroir, the soils of Savoie are a unique combination formed by glaciers within this current geographical period. Yet when the landslide of Mt Granier in 1248 occurred across the region, Le Reposoir was spared and the soils of the estate therefore differ completely from the other climates of the Apremont cru.

Domaine Dupraz takes advantage of the unique grape varietals that call Savoie home, especially Jacquère, which Jeremy calls “a veritable mirror of the terroir.” Inspired by Burgundy tradition, the teamwork parcel by parcel, and conduct vinification slowly. A few of their cuvees are even produced from vinifying different sections of the same parcel in different containers to obtain different facets of the same vintage. The wines sit in barrels anywhere from 12 to 60 months after harvest, and they’re only bottled when the three co-directors (Marc, Jeremy, and Maxime) agree that it’s time. Vinification is done with no additives other than a few mls of sulphur at bottling.

Wines by Domaine Dupraz

  • Vin de Savoie Blanc - En Route Pour L'Apéro 2021
  • Le Moulin - Apremont 2021
  • Les Terres Blanches - Apremont 2021
  • Montracul - Apremont 2019
  • Les Terres Blanches - Apremont "Pepe Michel" 2018
  • Mondeuse - Rouge de Savoie 2019
  • Roussette de Savoie "Altesse" 2021

We are very proud to be importing Domaine Dupraz's wines – they are exquisite examples of Savoie wines and a cherished addition to Clos Cachet’s portfolio.

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