Domaine De Vaccelli

Domaine De Vaccelli

The Story of Domaine de Vaccelli and the Courrèges family, is inexorably linked to the history of Corsican wine. Across the Ligurian Sea, in the heart of Cognocoli-Monticchi, Corsica, is where the Courrèges family continues to elevate Corsican grape varietals onto an international platform.

Like much of European vineyards, the phylloxera aphid decimated Corsican vineyards in the 1800s. They were then abandoned during two world wars when men left the island to fight. This resulted in a viticulture renaissance of sorts in the 1960’s, with Algerian colonists moving to the island, (following the end of the War of Independence) importing winemaking techniques and vines such as Grenache and Carignan. 

Roger Courrèges, was one such newcomer, who, with his family, who bought the Vaccelli estate and began to build a new life on the granite hillsides of Cognocoli-Monticchi, in the very south of Corsica’s Ajaccio appellation.  Already experienced in viticulture, (the family previously owned a large vineyard in the town of Médéa, 80 km southwest of Algiers), they uprooted the old vines invaded by scrub and, like many of their compatriots, plant Grenache, Alicante, Cinsault, Sciaccarellu and Muscat d'Alexandrie.

Domaine de Vaccelli wines

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Domaine de Vaccelli wines

In 1974, following Rogers’ death, his son, Alain, took the helm and decided to replant the vineyards to native Corsican grape varietals, namely Sciaccarellu and Vermentinu.While Alain was self taught, his son, Gérard was formally trained, studying oenology in Nîmes and training at Clos Capitoro (Ajaccio). In 2000, Gérard returned to the domaine taking over as winemaker thereby continuing the family tradition begun by his grandfather. Nowadays, Nathalie and Gérard Courrèges, brother and sister, are the heads of Domaine de Vaccelli.

The modernised Corsican viticulture at the Domaine de Vaccelli and its typical Corsican grape varieties are the pillars of the Ajaccio appellation and terroir. They are determined to maintain their principles set in 2008 with a focus on manually harvesting and organic farming. The vineyard became certified organic in 2019.

Group of bottles of wine by Domaine de Vaccelli

The following selection is available in Australia:

- Granit Red: 100% Sciaccarellu

- Granit White: 100% Vermentino

- Quartz White: Blend of Carcaghjolu bianco, Riminese, Genovese, Codivarta

- Unu Red: 92% Sciaccarellu, 4% Carcaghjolu Neru, 4% Minustellu

- Vaccelli Red: 100% Sciaccarellu

- Vaccelli Rose: 100% Sciaccarellu

- Vaccelli White: 100% Vermentinu

We're honoured to import to Australia such an esteemed Domaine from Corsica.

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