Domaine Arnaud Tessier

Domaine Arnaud Tessier

Domaine Arnaud Tessier is located in the center of the beautiful, historic village of Meursault, Burgundy. The village of Meursault is famed for the high quality production of Chardonnay and the complexity and diversity of its terroirs*.

The vineyards of Meursault surround the remarkable village with 384 hectares of Chardonnay grapes and a relatively tiny 11 hectares planted with Pinot Noir grapes.

The Domaine is under the guidance of Arnaud Tessier who was born in Meursault and grew up exploring the village. He began working in the vineyard alongside his father at the tender age of 14. The epitome of a hard worker, Arnaud is also considered amongst fellow villagers to have a rare gift for wine making. Tragically, Arnaud suffered the sudden loss of his father during his early twenties, leaving him in charge of the family vines. 

In 2007, the birth of Domaine Tessier occurred when Arnaud moved away from his family's tradition of selling the grapes to the Burgundy “Négoce” labels (the wine merchants who purchased grapes) and began his own bottling of wines.  Vinified and aged in his cellar, the 2007 vintage welcomed a new champion of Burgundy white wines.

Domaine Arnaud Tessier Wines

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Close up of bottle label of Domaine Arnaud Tessier, Les Genevrieres

The Domaine has 7.5 Hectares of Meursault’s best vineyards. The appellations produced are all whites: Bourgogne Chardonnay “Champ Perrier”, Meursault “Les Casse-Têtes”, Meursault “Les Grands Charrons”, Meursault 1er Cru “Le Poruzot Dessus”, “Les Genevrières” and “Les Charmes Dessus”.  Since 2007, the bottled production has increased slightly each vintage.

I have met no other winemaker that works as many hours in the vineyard as Arnaud. Becoming the talk of the town, the hours Arnaud puts into his vines are unmatched by others in the region, so much so that often he relies upon his wife, Catherine, to be the point of contact for all visitors as he is always hard to find. The support goes both ways for this experienced couple, with Catherine also bringing her own exceptional experience and craft, having worked for other well-known Domaines, in Burgundy and abroad. Together, they really do make a winning team.

Arnaud’s philosophy is to grow the vineyard organically. To do so, he leaves long branches on the vines to aerate the vineyard, avoiding disease and rot. He strictly controls the yields by cutting away excess flower buds during the growing season.

Arnaud follows traditional processes which uncover subtle balance and elegance, highlighting the incredible complexity of the different climats.

Clos Cachet is very proud to import Arnaud’s wines exclusively to Australia. This is a highly demanded wines worldwide, and a rare pearl that you will absolutely adore.

* Terroir is the specific combination of location, vineyard, climate and people that create a wine. Accordingly, different terroirs produce different wines.

** Climat refers to a named plot of vineyard.

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