Domaine Tabordet

In the village of Verdigny, Domaine Tabordet was formed from 4.5 hectares of vines in the 1960s by Raymond Tabordet. Later passed onto his two sons, Yvon and Pascal in 1981 the estate began to expand to the appellation of Pouilly-Fumé. Today Marius Tabordet, along with his cousin Gaël operates the domaine under the guidance of Pascal. Gaël manages the technical side of the domaine with keeping the books in order. This leaves Marius to monitor the vines, perform the vinification, and bring to life the signature of Tabordet. With the domaine now consisting of 16 hectares in Pouilly-Fume and 5 hectares in Sancerre, the complete range has been labelled Organic from 2021, while also working towards Biodynamic certification.

Domaine Tabordet Wines

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Domaine Tabordet Wines
Domaine Tabordet Wines

Marius has been working the biodynamic principles into his vines since 2018, having always had the goal of fully natural farming and working with the terroir to its full extent. His practices include training the vies to the Guyot method, along with de-budding the vines and tilling the soil to negate the need for weed killing chemicals. Some plots are also left with grass to grow and de-leafing enacted to control the yields. Marius works well with the soils of Kimmeridgian marl, which is a chalky clay, flint and pebbly limestone, allowing for it to impart distinctive mineral and flinty characteristics unto the wine. 

Since taking over from Pascal, Marius has continued the traditional methods of Domaine Tabordet through very gently pressing the grapes by pneumatic press, which helps to avoid any stalky flavours. They make sure to let the juice completely settle to be as clear as possible without clarification.

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