Domaine Belargus

Domaine Belargus

Domaine Belargus looks set to radically change perceptions of Anjou wines as one of the most exciting new-comers to the Loire Valley. The Domaine owns 24 hectares of superlative vineyards including “Coteau des Treilles”, “Clos des Ruchères”, “Les Quarts”. All are of “Grand Cru” quality if not strictly classified as such. Ivan Massonnat, wine tragic and owner of Belargus, has purchased icon Jo Pithon’s estate and consolidated it with other prime acquisitions in Anjou Noir. It seems the stars are aligning for a revolution in Anjou!

The Loire Valley, also known as ‘the King’s Garden’, has been growing grapes for centuries. Domaine Belargus is set upon on many-thousand-year-old terroirs from Savennières, Quarts-de-Chaume and the Layon Valley.

Domaine Belargus is an organic operation and has recently begun implementing biodynamic practices. These principles are being applied at Belargus by two pioneers of the region: Jo Pithon, who has advocated for organic farming for more than 30 years, and Guy Bossard (Domaine de l’Ecu in Muscadet), who has pioneered Biodynamic practices in the region for decades. This dream team is putting in every effort to rejuvenate some of France’s greatest vineyards.

Domaine Belargus Wines

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Hillside of DOmaine Belargus and the vine plantings

Historically, the Anjou wine region has mostly grown Chenin Blanc and was once known for producing wines for royalty across Europe from the 11th to 19th century. The Chenin Blanc variety may now be less known than Chardonnay, but its incredible attributes place it in the same class. The variety is suited to the stunning geological complexity of the region like no other. Formed 500 million years ago and renowned for its schisteous soils, Anjou Noir is also home to purple, black and layered schists, pudding sandstone, magmatic rocks, rolled pebbles, fine clays and aeolian sands. The combination of variety and earth is unrivalled.

Domaine Belargus owns 10 hectares out of the 40 that are classified Grand Cru in the Loire Valley and known as Quarts-de-Chaume. From the terraces of Clos des Ruchères in Savennières, planted directly on the rock, to the vertiginous slopes of the Coteau des Treilles, Belargus intentionally opts for the hard path and forges an ambitious and iconic brand of viticulture.

Bottle of Rucheres wine by Domaine Belargus

Ivan Massonnat is applying in Anjou Noir, the same principles that make Burgundy so consistently thrilling. Single plots, old vines, low yields, long elevage, and minimum intervention. With only 25 hectolitres per hectare produced from the low yielding single plots, the wines have a deep soul and enough finesse to make some of the great Burgundy wines blush.

The style is precise and focussed on terroir transparency and complexity. 2018 is the inaugural vintage for Belargus, incidentally a magnificent vintage for the entire region.

Belargus’ single vineyard wines are:

Anjou Noire - The regional cuvée and the gateway to Belargus universe. 

From Savennière:

- Gaudrets - 1.85ha

- Ruchères - Monopoly: 0.4ha

From Quarts-de-Chaume:

Dry wines

- Ronceray - 4.44ha - Blend of all the plots of the Quarts-de-Chaume appellation

- Quarts - 3.08ha

- Rouères - 2.96ha

- Veau - 1.68ha

Sweet wines

- Layon - Coteaux-du-Layon AOC

- Quarts - Quarts-de-Chaume AOC

- Rouères - Quarts-de-Chaume AOC

- Ultra - Quarts-de-Chaume AOC

- Echarderie - Coteaux-du-Layon Chaume 1er cru AOC

From the Layon Valley:

- Bonnes Blanches - 0.57ha

- Treilles - Coteau des Treilles - 2.77ha

We are delighted to import to Australia such an exceptional young Domaine, forging a new path of excellence in the Loire Valley.

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