Champagne Pierre Paillard

Champagne Pierre Paillard

For an astonishing eight generations, the Paillard family has produced and perfected their exceptional and unique Champagne. Currently, father Pierre and his sons Antoine and Quentin Paillard continue the tradition.

Domaine Pierre Paillard is eleven hectares of vineyard situated on the south side of the Montagne de Reims in the village of Bouzy. The vineyards are grown organically, and they use biodynamic pratices to invigorate the vines. Extraordinarily, the entire vineyard of Domaine Paillard has the highest Champagne classification of Grand Cru.

The Paillard family owns 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay grapes, blending Pinot Noir oriented Champagnes. The Paillards only use these ‘noble grape’ varieties and their entire production comes exclusively from their own vineyards.

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Sandstone room filled with rows and rows of wine bottles in Domaine Pierre Paillard

Over the course of 200 years, the Paillards identified and procured 30 prime plots of vineyard in Bouzy, resulting in outstanding Champagne. Diverse topographical distribution, differently aged vines and this remarkable patch of terrain, produce complexity, richness, power, fruit and minerality.

The village of Bouzy is well known for producing grapes with good maturity, richness and generosity. Bouzy grapes are sought after and used in the top cuvées by the best known brands of Champagne.

For 20 years at Domaine Paillard, the vineyards have been treated without chemicals. The family has worked hard to breed and develop robust vines with natural disease resilience, avoiding chemical intervention. This is a key reason for the Paillard’s consistently high quality of Champagne.

Interestingly, the Paillards have a different timeframe compared to other producers in order to achieve the balance in their Champagne. They employ a patient and prolonged cellar maturation to create their trademark elegance, finesse and complexity.

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