Founded in 2016, Pauline and Laurent brought to life their dream of owning and running a winery. In the heart of Puy-Notre-Dame, Saumur, L’Austral has brought a new perspective with Australian influence to Loire Valley wines. 

Both training as engineers in Strasbourg, Pauline ventured from Brittany and Laurent from Savoy. Graduating from engineering school together in 2011, it only took them 1 year to accept that they craved something new and exciting. With a trip booked to Australia they embarked on an adventure to find a link to the land and to nature through a mixture of professional experiences and casual encounters.

While in Australia the couple worked on several different farms along the west coast including beekeeping, banana production, and general viticulture. The spark of thought leading to L’Austral Wines came from meeting three Australian oenologists, Marelize, Marco & Kim, who walked Pauline and Laurent through the whole process of winemaking from vine to bottle. Mastering the production techniques and learning to interact with the living viticulture and wildlife in Australia honed their skills to bring a fresh new perspective on French winemaking.

L'Austral Wines

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L'Austral Wines
L'Austral Wines

Upon the return to France Pauline joined the oenologist training in Dijon, further refining her skills at the Mélanic estate. Mélanie and Aymeric of the estate were eager to open the door to anyone that had a sincere desire to work with wine and they aided Pauline and Laurent in a way to ensure they are able to make their own wine one day. Working as a ski instructor and sailing instructor, Laurent worked to fund their ultimate project of running a winery.

Finally in 2016, the chance presented itself through the lovely and giving Françoise & Philippe Gourdon of Château Tour Grise, who allowed them to lease out and take over 4 ha of vines that have been grown biodynamically for 20 years. Now with the parcels of Amandiers, 253 and Vigneaux to work with they continue to enhance their skills and improve their wine range each vintage. As the years continue Françoise and Philippe passionately continue to take the time to pass on their skills and knowledge to this young couple and bring L’Austral further recognition.

In 2021 Pauline and Laurent completed their brand new cave for fermentation and cellaring along with a new house that sits above it. Along with a new cave they have also purchased a new plot, growing to 6.5 hectares of vines for which they love to allow themselves to be both in the vineyard and the cellar while still young. This new plot also brings more diverse grapes of Grolleau, Cabernet Franc, Chenin, and Grolleau Gris (perfect for white bubbles), allowing for a more diverse range and time for experimentation. Additionally, choosing to lease out sections of this new plot, the couple are giving two young winemakers to step into the industry just as their friends Françoise and Philippe did for them.

L'Austral Wines

Saumur Blanc "Amandiers"

Saumur Puy-notre-Dame "Manta" Red

Saumur Puy-notre-Dame "V" Red

Saumur Puy-notre-Dame "Vigneaux" Red

VDF "Octopus Rouge"

VDF "Pourpre"

Clos Cachet is honoured to import these incredible wines to Australia.

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