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Clos Cachet is a celebration of French wine, and a commitment to excellence

Alexandre Rougeot grew up on the rarefied soil of the Côte D’Or in Burgundy – wine is in his veins.

Alexandre Rougeot, the founder and director of Clos Cachet, is a fifth generation winemaker of Domaine Rougeot and celebrated sommelier. He has dedicated his life to sharing his knowledge and love of wine.

In pursuing his passion, Alexandre has had the privilege of cultivating an enviable network of France’s finest winemakers. With Clos Cachet, Alexandre gives you direct access to their wines.

Jean-Marc Roulot wines standing and lying down on a wooden table

Clos Cachet is built upon Alexandre’s love of wine

It is our great privilege to share the world’s most admired terroir* with you.

From the limestone soils of Burgundy, the majesty of Champagne, the rugged mountainsides of the Rhône, the baked fields of Provence, the exalted vines of the Loire Valley, Clos Cachet’s access to the finest French wines is nonpareil.

*Terroir is the specific combination of location, vineyard, climate and people that create a wine. Accordingly, different terroirs produce different wines. Examples of famous terroirs include: Meursault, Saint-Joseph, Pouilly-Fumé etc…

Old and dusty wine bottles stacked up in a concrete basement

Every bottle we present is its own masterpiece, with its own tale to tell

It is Alexandre’s personal relationships with the men and women who make each bottle, that connect you in a way no other supplier can. This is a responsibility Clos Cachet cherishes; from the involved selection of our range to its transportation and storage, we prioritise and champion the intentions of the winemakers.

There are no short cuts, no middlemen, and no compromises.

Beautiful French vineyard landscape

Buying with Clos Cachet is uniting with us in our passion

For over 2000 years, the story of wine has been about bringing people together, connection and ritual.

Clos Cachet is dedicated to that tradition.

Season to season, day to day, wine is changing: the people, the land, the climate, the varieties. This makes our industry thrilling and a challenge.

Alexandre’s connections, professional insights and distinct knowledge cut through the noise so that Clos Cachet delivers you the finest, first.

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