Domaine de Cassiopée

 Vineyard Shot of Domaine du Cassiopee

Brand new estate in the heart of Sampigny-les-Maranges in 2020, Domaine de Cassiopée is run by Talloulah and Hugo Mathurin who are working hard to make a mark on this under the radar appellation.

Situated just south of Santenay and Chassagne-Montrachet, the appellation of Maranges is divided into three villages. Domaine de Cassiopée sits on the eastern end within close proximity to the premier cru vineyards. While the Sampigny-lès-Maranges section does contains premier crus Les Clos Roussots, Le Clos des Rois, and Le Clos des Loyères, Cassiopée does not currently own any of these vines, rather concentrating their efforts on a selection of old and complex vine parcels.

Talloulah and Hugo Mathurin run their 5 hectares Domaine based upon their detailed and dedicated wine training within the renowned wineries of JF Mugnier, Clos de Tart, and JM Roulot. Both born in 1994, this young couple already boasts an impressive cumulative resumé and they're both trained enologists. Starting small, their production includes both red and white wines including Bourgogne, Haute Côte de Beaune, 2 different cuvées of Aligoté, and Maranges, a collection which attracted instant worldwide excitement since their first vintage. All their wines are pure and mineral-driven, made within humble vineyards with very old vines. Talloulah and Hugo Mathurin have built a strong collection of plots across the region since the inception of the domaine, with Aligoté plots containing 30 up to 100 year old vines. 

Domaine de Cassiopée

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Domaine de Cassiopée

Upon taking over the vines in 2020, the couple immediately went to work converting everything to organic viticulture, with their certification due to be complete in 2023. They have also opted to begin applying some biodynamic principles through different processes, primarily within the cellar for now with making note of when to rack and bottle based upon the lunar calendar.

The goal in the cellar is simple, to intervene as little as possible to allow the wines to sing on their own. Talloulah and Hugo add little or no sulphur to their wines (with only a very light dose during bottling), and ageing is done in classic wooden barrels ranging from 228 to 450 litres alongside an experimental 500-litre Italian terracotta vessel.

Clos Cachet is honoured to import Domaine de Cassiopee's wines into Australia. They represent the under the radar appellation of Maranges beautifully.

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