Domaine Rougeot Père & Fils

Domaine Rougeot Père & Fils

Domaine Rougeot is located in the beautiful, historic village of Meursault in the Côte de Beaune, France. It covers 12 hectares of vineyard on Burgundy’s best slopes. Marc Rougeot, now supported by his son Pierre-Henri, operates the 13 ha of this traditional family estate. The wines are produced in the villages of Meursault, Monthélie, St Romain, Pommard and Volnay.

The Rougeot family has produced wine for five generations on appellations including Meursault-Charmes, Meursault “Sous la Velle”, Meursault “Monatine”, Volnay-Santenots, Pommard “Clos des Roses”, Monthélie “Les Toisières”, Saint-Romain “La Combe Bazin”, and regional appellations Bourgogne Chardonnay and Bourgogne Pinot Noir.

Producer and owner Marc Rougeot, now alongside his sons Pierre-Henri and Alexandre, energetically continues the family tradition with a mixture of modern, organic and traditional processes that get the best out of every vintage. The Domaine has been certified organic farming since the 2020 vintage.

The work in the cellar, with gentler and more careful vinifications, continues to bring more and more precision and expression of terroirs to their wines. The estate has been practising  Biodynamics since October 2020 and is in Biodynamic Demeter conversion from the 2021 vintage. 

Domaine Rougeot Père & Fils

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Domaine Rougeot Père & Fils

Recently, the Domaine has significantly developed the quality of their reds and as a result they have reached new heights. They are defined by elegance, silkiness and stunning subtle fruit. The Pinot Noir, harvested in boxes, is sorted by hand and vatted without destemming. It therefore arrives in the vats intact and whole. The vinification is carried out with the yeasts of the cellar and without sulphite for a total expression and respectful of the terroir of origin. Each terroir is vinified separately to create single plot cuvées.

The whites at Domaine Rougeot are refined, generous and seductive. They celebrate the famed qualities of the region; evoking the tastes of the beautiful Côte de Beaune. The Chardonnay and Aligoté are pressed whole or crushed upon arrival in the vat room. The must obtained is kept in vats at 10°C to allow the largest particles (lees) to sediment. The clear must is then intoned with its best lees directly into barrels to ferment. The ageing is carried out in 228 l Burgundy barrels for 12 to 20 months without racking or stirring.

Clos Cachet is honoured to import these incredible wines to Australia.

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Rougeot-Dupin Label

The Rougeot-Dupin label is a venture that started in 1990 in order to diversify the family range. The wines are made from purchased grapes and have been designed by Marc Rougeot and his sons. The Chardonnay grapes are carefully selected from sustainably grown vineyards in Cote de Beaune and Cote Chalonnaise with the wines carefully made in the pure Burgundy traditional method. The high level of complexity, fruit and balance in the wines has been further enhanced by Pierre-Henri’s mastery of traditional oak barrel maturation. With the Rougeot-Dupin range, the goal is simply to promote delicious yet under the radar appellations of Burgundy where beautiful Chardonnay and Pinot Noir can be found nowadays.

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Rougeot Vineyard Maps

Meursault - Monthelie - Pommard - Saint-Romain - Volnay

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