Domaine Gavoty

Domaine Gavoty

Situated in the village of Cabasse, fifty kilometres from Saint-Tropez, Domaine Gavoty has all the magic of Provence. Purchased by Philémon Gavoty in 1806, the Domaine remains a family affair under Roselyne Gavoty.

Throughout the last two centuries, the Gavoty family has persevered, sometimes against the odds, to see their village gain the viticultural recognition it deserves. Cabasse now stands proud as an official part of the Côte de Provence appellation.

The vineyard is planted on the ancient “Triassic plateau” – a prime, clay and limestone rich soil layer.  Some plots of vineyard are planted on challenging and rocky earth. This forces the Domaine to conduct most farming by traditional hand methods, meaning little has changed in 200 years of harvesting at Gavoty.

Domaine Gavoty Wines

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Rows of vines on a stormy day at Domaine Gavoty in Provence

The vines are sheltered from the most extreme Provençal weather by beautiful thickets of oak and pine forest. These old forests are integral to both the vitality and sustainability of the Domaine, stabilising the local climate and creating better growing conditions for the vineyards.

But the extremities of Provençe are also key to what makes Gavoty wine so exceptional. The roasting summers and bitter winters mean grapes mature slowly. To endure, the vines are forced to find water deep within the limestone rich soil. This in turn brings a trademark minerality and freshness to Domaine Gavoty wines that embodies the region and consecrates the hardships of the climate.

Another of Domaine Gavoty’s delightful idiosyncrasies is not environmental but auricular! The family have a resplendent musical heritage including Bernard Gavoty (1906-1980) – a music critic for France’s “Le Figaro” newspaper who, mystifyingly, wrote under the English pseudonym “Clarendon”. Today, the Domaine’s top three cuvées of white, red and Rosé share this quirky, anglo nom de plume.

The family’s musical heritage is also celebrated in their exquisite labels, which proudly feature the Domaine’s ancient emblem, a Grecian lyre.

Roselyne Gavoty, grand-daughter of Bernard ‘Clarendon’ Gavoty, has now been at the helm of the Domaine since 1985. She continues a family legacy with humility, first class winemaking and a passion for this pocket of Procençal paradise.

Clos Cachet is proud to be Domaine Gavoty sole importer in Australia.

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