La Paulée Melbourne 2023 - Recap

La Paulée Melbourne 2023 - Recap

I am still in awe of great event that was La Paulee Melbourne 2023 and quality of wines that every guest brought to the occasion. After a few weeks I am now able to put into words the emotions and energy that was evoked from this debut paulee in Australia. 

From the onset guests streamed in, bottle (or bottles) in hand ready to share and celebrate the Victorian wine industry. I saw many familiar faces and several new, with all becoming great friends bonding over stunning bottles of wine by the end. 

To begin it was wonderful to welcome everyone with a speech, seeing the sommeliers prepping everyone's wines for pouring I could instantly tell every attendee had been generous in what was brought from their cellar. With our first course in front of us the Champagne and various sparkling wines appeared, introducing everyone's palates to what would be 6 hours of one-upmanship with every glass pour. 

With first entree served it was time to get up and move about. I will admit now that I was fearful of whether everyone would take to sharing among tables but I had no need to worry! Almost within half an hour every second chair was empty with guests grabbing bottle in hand and glass in the other strolling through the aisles offering a glass for a glass. 

By the time the Honorary Consul Myriam Boisbouvier-Wylie conducted her speech, and La Nuit Blanche began their first musical set the merriment was truly underway. It brought me so much joy to sing the traditional Bon Bourguignon song with my brother by my side in a room full of wine fanatics and professionals. 

To round out the evening (the main meals escaped me, too many conversations to be had!) the Cacao dessert, designed specifically for our debut event was truly magnificent and cleansed the palate to make way for another round of Champagne. 

I could not have asked for a better welcoming from the Australian wine community for our debut La Paulee Melbourne. I look forward to sharing a glass with you again at our 2024 Edition. Please register your interest below if you wish to participate!


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