Christmas Wine Market 2023 Recap

Christmas Wine Market 2023 Recap

What a wonderful finale to the crazy year that was 2023! Welcoming new and old clients into our warehouse is always a magical experience and being able to celebrate the past year with all of you allowed for some great wines to be opened and discussed. This year we indulged guests with a premium tasting option to sample some of the top cuvees of France, including a tasting of the likes of Arnaud Tessier, Pierre-Vincent Girardin, and Domaine Roulot! 

For those returning for the classic tasting event there was plenty of hype around our Champagnes with Freres Mignon L'Aventure being a stand out favourite! Venturing to the north, there was plenty of chatter around the Domaine Sparr Rieslings this year as they added a bright freshness to the glass.

Of course with the weather being not particularly friendly there was quite the congregation around the red tables with the pinot noir by Rougeot-Dupin taking the cake for many buyers of the day. But what truly warmed the hearts and souls throughout the afternoon was the golden nectar of Chateau D'Arche's Sauternes. In a convenient half sized bottle it was no surprise everyone stocked up on this sweet wine for a stunning end to a Christmas feast.

If you missed out on our market, never fear! Reach out to us via email and we can provide you with the wine list to allow you to stock up on all the favourites before Christmas.