Petrus, Pomerol Wine Dinner | Society Melbourne

Petrus, Pomerol Wine Dinner | Society Melbourne

An evening of elegant wines, delectable food, and exquisite company. 

Held in the Green Room at the newly established Society Melbourne restaurant, 12 guests partook in a 6 course meal, paired with some of the best white Burgundy wines and of course, 4 vintages of Pétrus, Pomerol. This event was in preparation for several years, with it initially scheduled for 2020. The wait was worth it though, for the attendees had exclusive access to not only taste the wines but spend the evening discussing and learning from the experienced wine professional, Alex Rougeot.

Led by Alex, the guests were first guided through the wines by famous vignerons of Burgundy. This included Coche-Dury, Henri Boillot, and Jean-Marc Roulot. He shared with them a journey through each vineyard and mapped out each winemaker’s style as passed down from generation to generation. 

Presenting the crème de la crème, four different vintages of iconic Bordeaux wines, the evening reached its peak. Pétrus bottles are rare and extremely elusive on the market, therefore to have 8 bottles poured on the evening, it was an event not to be missed. This event was able to happen thanks to our direct partnership with Pétrus, allowing us to directly import their bottles and showcasing them here in Australia. This is a partnership we honour and hold in the highest esteem.

Thank you also to the team at Society Melbourne for hosting this event and providing a highly finessed menu.

4 Petrus Wine bottles lined up

Alex talking to guests at wine dinner. Red wine being poured out of a decanter
Nicely dished up main course at Society Restaurant. Table settings with 4 wine glasses and a Clos Cachet booklet