Quentin Paillard Interview

Quentin Paillard Interview

We are very lucky to have interviewed Quentin Paillard, from Champagne Pierre Paillard, on two very interesting topics covering the village of Bouzy and the ageing on lees.

Alongside his older brother Antoine, Quentin represents the eighth generation of the Paillard family. They are now responsible for sharing this incredible history as well as many years of knowledge and passion.

Why is the village of Bouzy so unique?

The village of Bouzy, located on the south side of the Montagne de Reims, marked Champagne history by being a listed « Grand Cru » village as early as 1919.

The terroir of Bouzy is very much in demand in the elaboration of the greatest cuvées for its propensity to yield Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with a potential for maturity, rich aromas and flavors.

These deep soils, laid over secondary and tertiary chalky sub-soils, highlight the minerality of the soil and the own properties of the grape variety.

Why is the long ageing on lees so important to you?

Once bottled, our young wines will become Champagnes in our 19th century cellars, 16 meters below ground level. They will undergo their second fermentation and age on their own lees for three to ten years.

Ageing times are not chosen at random. They are the result of our blends and here lies our strength. Four year ageing for our Brut and Rosé will bring balance and finesse, while eight years for our Vintage will bring out complexity and elegance!

Additionally, this extended aging allows the carbon dioxide to completely dissolve into the wine forming an ever smaller (and more delicate) bubble or bead.