Natural Wines | Domaine Rougeot Release

Natural Wines | Domaine Rougeot Release

I bring to you the selection of natural wines by Domaine Rougeot. My family has been crafting traditional Burgundy wines for generations and their ability to develop and expand their skills and overall range is impressive. Both traditional and natural wines of Domaine Rougeot are made in the same vineyards, grown organically and using biodynamic principles. They even both undergo the winemaking process without additional sulphur.

However, Domaine Rougeot's natural wine range (with the diagonally oriented label) is made from select barrels which have been perfectly stable during the maturation process and therefore do not require any addition of sulphur. To monitor this, each barrel during maturation is smelt and tasted every week to follow the evolution closely. It’s a very demanding process, which is highly rewarding in the glass.

After maturation, these wines are racked into stainless steel tanks, and bottled with a light filtration, they don’t see any additional sulphur. However, only a small part of the wines can achieve natural stability, and be bottled without sulphur. The rest is sulphured lightly and bottled under the traditional label.

So if you are looking for a stunning iteration of the Rougeot Pinot Noir or Chardonnay new to the shores of Australia, I urge you to purchase a bottle from the Domaine Rougeot Nature range.