Mee Godard | Latest Vintage Arrival

Mee Godard | Latest Vintage Arrival

Mee Godard's 2020 vintage is here. With her winemaking taking yet another step up from her much celebrated 2019 vintage, she continues her ascent as the Queen of Beaujolais. With only 18,000 bottles produced annually, these wines will prove hard to find, and deservedly so, given their quality.

"I produce wines from the Morgon appellation which are known for their power and aging potential. My philosophy is to produce complex wines that are both elegant and alive. As an artisan passionate about her work and the pursuit of perfection each day, I demand the best of myself in the vineyard as well as in the winery." - Mee Godard

In her very early days, Mee and her sister left South Korea and were adopted by a French couple. Her birth parents being farmers in the South Korean countryside, Mee understood that farming was a part of her and she’s been in pursuit of her dream to farm ever since. It’s not an easy task to get your foot in the door of the French wine industry without a single connection, but working hard, Mee worked on an array of vineyards to build those connections. Eventually, in 2013, she moved to Beaujolais, and had the opportunity of a lifetime to purchase an estate with vineyards in three of Morgon’s top locations: Côte du Py, Corcellete and Grand Cras.

"The uncompromising attitude established by Mee, coupled with very old vines across the estate, produces state of the art, profound, and complex wines with lots of character."

It is my absolute privilege to share these wines as the demand for Mee's wines has grown impressively. Like all her vintages, Mee's 2020 vintage demonstrates a special type of artistry in her wine making bringing you the finest in Beaujolais wine.