Chateau Maison Blanche | A Leader in All Natural, No Digital Technology Winemaking

Chateau Maison Blanche | A Leader in All Natural, No Digital Technology Winemaking

It is our honour to provide access to a selection of five back vintages of the Biodynamic hero of the right bank of Bordeaux: Chateau Maison Blanche in Montagne Saint Emilion.

This wine has a palpable concentration, made carefully from very low yields from organically grown vineyards. For the first time we have access to the 2000, 2003, 2007, 2013, and 2015 vintages for our clients to purchase.

Château Maison Blanche, is currently owned by the Despagne family, and is situated in Montagne-Saint-Émilion. Currently producing outstanding biodynamic wines with very few added sulphites. Their structure and depth is typical of the Right Bank, perfectly balanced with great freshness and purity.

Founded in the late 19th century by Marie Constant and her husband Octave Pineau (sub-prefect of Vienne), Château Maison Blanche was built by their will to bring a new vision to the appellation. The house was built with white stones from Vienne which differed from the yellow stone of Saint-Emilion, giving the Domaine its current name: from the Métairie du Château Petit Corbin to Château de La Maison Blanche.

From then on the Chateau changed hands over the years with Louis Rapin purchasing the land in 1938. Then his daughter Françoise succeeded him in 1972, handing over the running of the Domaine to her husband Gérard Despagne. Gérard continued Louis’ initial expansion by building an underground winery, along with a large archive and an enormous barrel cellar.

It was the end of the 1990s when the current owner, Nicolas Despagne (son of Gérard) joined his father and began working in the cellar, then later in the vines. Nicolas was the driving force behind the decision to convert to organic, and then biodynamic agriculture. Nicolas wrote a book, Carnet de Vendanges, expressing his passion for wine. Explaining all the reasons that led him to convert all the family vineyards to organic farming in 2005 including: Maison Blanche, Tour de Corbin-Despagne and La Rose Figeac.

Therefore, the wines of vintage 2009 onwards is the birth of a new era, as after three years of conversion, Nicolas produced the first wines made from organically grown grapes, all certified by Ecocert. Additionally, the naturalness of the vinification and aging processes, the wines already had adhered to the 2021 legislation of certified organic wines.

With Gérard and Françoise Despagne retiring in 2009, it was the final handover to Nicolas. In 2013, Nicolas sold his other petit cru of Saint-Émilion in order to devote himself freely and exclusively to his endless quest for naturalness, sincerity and authenticity. He continues to ensure the wine is made in the ‘natural' style of winemaking with no inputs and very little or no sulphites added. His refusal to have any technology in the winery is also a drawing point for the magnificent and minute details in each and every vintage of this wine. Already making a difference as his Maison Blanche wines receive the Demeter certification. 

Maison Blanche Bottles lined up