Maison Advinam | New Producer

Maison Advinam | New Producer

We are thrilled to introduce an incredibly unique wine producer. Crafting wine in Saint Morillon, in the Graves region of Bordeaux, Anne Buiatti of Maison Advinam has leapt onto the French Wine scene with her strong philosophy of natural wines. Produced in Gironde and Roussillon she has a stunning range of Reds alongside a single Orange wine cuvée.

"It is delicious unconventional Bordeaux wines made with flair. An explosion of fruits, with complex nuances."

About Maison Advinam

Anne Buiatti, a neo-winegrower, produces four cuvées: La Donna, La Bouffonne, L’Allumée and L’Allumée orange. She has the particularity of using Syrah de Calce in some of the blends and has recently planted new grape varieties: Castet, Mérille, Carménère and Cabernet Sauvignon.

“Old 19th century cuvee mix, cabernet, merlot with syrah. Biodynamic farmed, natural winemaker, 24 months in amphora. Zero additives, no sulphur. No electricity in the winery. The range of wines would have a few Bordelais saying ‘bouffonne’ under their breath at Ann Buiatti, no doubt. Power to her!”
- Mike Bennie, Wine Front.

Across vineyards, fruit fields, and fallow fields, Buiatti cultivates Gironde and Roussillon entirely by hand, without any chemical to focus on the simple means of respecting the living. Her tools of choice are the pickaxe, sickle, shears, secateurs.

In the cellar it is also entirely manual and quite natural: destemming and sorting of the grapes in a wicker basket, crushing by hand and by foot, fermentation of indigenous yeasts. All her wines are aged in 750L terracotta amphorae, with some 300-liter barrels. As a further mark of uniqueness there is no fining nor filtration.



The wine is an explosion of fresh, wild red berries, sap, grilled leaves, rosemary, and orange peel with subtle notes of honey. The palate is lively, great acid with beautiful red fruits melting on the palate. The finish is clean, very pure and highly refreshing. Drink now.


Rambling scents of dark, brambly berries, aniseed, garrigue and bouquet garni. Lovely, warm kitchen compote cooking scents. Dark berry flavours, authority of sinewy, fresh tannins apparent, succulent, long and fine finish. Feels fancy but unadorned where fruit does the work over winemaking. Such a beautiful, beautiful wine. 95 Points - Mike Bennie, Wine Front.


The nose is very fresh and vibrant with notes of citrus, orange peel, white flowers, acacia, hints of fresh honey and sap. The palate is dynamic, light bodied, with fresh fruits, and a refreshing, balanced finish. The fruit sweetness is balanced out by dry extracts, and a light bitterness, in great harmony. Drink now by decanting for at least 20 minutes.