Donna | New Wine from Maison Advinam

Donna | New Wine from Maison Advinam

It has arrived! The pure Syrah wine by Anne Buiatti, Donna, has landed in Australia.  For four years Anne and her husband, Grégoire, have worked hard to turn their little farmhouse into a wine cellar. Set in the heart of Saint Morillon, just to the south of Bordeaux, their vineyards little vineyards span from Gironde down to Calce, both working hard to bring new life to their vines.You have enjoyed the fruits of their labour in the Allumee and Bouffone wines, and now the Donna 2019 has been born.

Made from grapes from Anne and Grégoire's favourite vineyard, Donna is crafted from the Syrah vines of Calce, in the Côtes du Roussillon. With access to a vineyard on the opposite coast to Bordeaux, the easterly winds and Mediterranean influence opens up a whole new repertoire of flavours on which Anne can bring forth. Once harvested the couple bring the grapes back to their cellar in Gironde and vinify them to perfection.

Maison Advinam - Donna 2019

Hand picked Syrah grown on schists on the slopes of the Calce terroir, Roussillon
Transported in cool 10kg crates to our cellar in Saint Morillon
Fermentation in raw concrete vats and tapered vats
Twelve-month aging in 300-litre barrels and 750-litre amphora and a further twelve-month aging in bottle.
No fining, no filter …and no added sulphites!