Domaine L'Austral | New Producer

Domaine L'Austral | New Producer

Paying homage to our home, Australia, I introduce to you today a new producer joining our portfolio who is challenging the traditions of the Loire Valley by bringing Australian inspiration to French wine. Domaine L'Austral are one of a kind and have made themselves known in the firmly established French wine industry which is somewhat difficult to step into. I am extremely excited to share their wines with you today so please do not delay in purchasing a few bottles.

About Domaine L'Austral

Founded in 2016, Pauline and Laurent brought their dream of owning and running a winery to life, when they settled in the heart of Puy-Notre-Dame, Saumur. Both training as engineers in Strasbourg, Pauline ventured from Brittany and Laurent from Savoy. Graduating from engineering school together in 2011, it only took them 1 year to decide that they craved something new and exciting. With a trip booked to Australia they embarked on an adventure to find a connection to the land and to nature through a mixture of professional experiences and casual encounters.

While in Australia the couple worked on several different farms along the west coast and undertook beekeeping, banana production, and general viticulture. The spark of thought leading to L’Austral Wines came from meeting three Australian oenologists, Marelize, Marco & Kim, who walked Pauline and Laurent through the whole process of winemaking from vine to bottle. Mastering the production techniques and learning to interact with the living viticulture and wildlife in Australia honed their skills to bring a fresh new perspective on French winemaking.

Upon returning to France, Pauline joined oenologist training in Dijon, further refining her skills at the Mélanic estate. Finally in 2016, a chance presented itself through the lovely and giving Françoise & Philippe Gourdon of Château Tour Grise, who allowed them to lease out and take over 4 ha of vines that had been grown biodynamically for 20 years. 

In 2021 Pauline and Laurent completed their brand new cave for fermentation and cellaring along with a new house that sits above it. Along with the cave they purchased a new plot, increasing to 6.5 hectares of vines where they both love to work their land.