Domaine Duroché | 2020 Vintage Release

Domaine Duroché | 2020 Vintage Release

When I discovered Pierre Duroché's wines nearly six years ago, it was like being struck by lightning. These wines had the same DNA, the same magnificent fresh fruit profile as Domaine Rousseau wines, and coupled with the tremendous depth, minerality and famous drinkability they continue to be finessed vintage after vintage. These wines are the essence of great Pinot Noirs of Burgundy!

Domaine Duroché has been creating its own unique path with precision and conviction for 5 generations, enhancing all the distinctive characteristics of Gevrey-Chambertin. The Durochés have been a name known since 1906, when Louis, the great-great-grandfather, was identified as chief winemaker. This was the start of the family wine adventure, the acquisition of the first land and thus the creation of the Domaine. In 2003, Pierre took over the business at the age of 21 as a natural transition, one that proved his confidence and created freedom. With his partner Marianne they developed a contemporary vision, with the greatest respect for family tradition.

Fast forward a few years, and wine critics and Burgundy fans alike have taken to the modernised style and Domaine Duroché became the new blue chip producer of Burgundy without the high price tag.

Yet even with the rise to fame and elevation of reputation, Pierre Duroché continues to adopt humility and respect towards his environment and domaine as a whole. His heart carries unwavering determination, allowing the Domaine to continue to progress year after year. In the vineyard, they practice sustainable cultivation creating their own rules due to a love of freedom, consistent with their convictions. Focusing on eating locally, collecting rainwater, and reducing their carbon footprint.

As the Duroché name continues to garner rising acclaim, the wines are extremely hard to get a hold of. I recommend buying anything you can, while they last at these prices. 


A year full of extremes. Budding took place at the very beginning of April, flowering in early June, and then a dry and sunny period – the growth rate is incredible. The harvest took place from 19th to 27th August. The balance was roughly identical to 2019 but the yields were much lower: 20Hl per hectare on average – the smallest harvest ever at the Domaine. The quality is superb, the wines are very precise, pure, dense, elegant and ethereal. - Pierre Duroche on the 2020 vintage