Domaine des Ardoisières | 2022 Vintage

Domaine des Ardoisières | 2022 Vintage

From the mountainous region of Savoie comes the latest vintage of Domaine des Ardoisières. We are currently in an exciting time as we receive this year's allocation of 2022s, all expressing themselves perfectly. 

You may know by now that the current owner, Brice Omont, took over the domaine several years ago, passed on by Michel Grisard, now a retired grower and founder of Prieuré St Christophe. Domaine des Ardoisières was initiated by a local association called Vivre En Tarantaise, which sought a vigneron to revive abandoned mountain terraces above the village of Cévins in the remote Tarantaise valley. To bring this project to life, a company was created to lease approximately 400 plots of land from villagers, including the local mayor. The goal was to restore the terraces, stone walls, vineyard cabins, and ultimately replant vineyards in this unique region.

The name "Ardoisières" is derived from the local slate (ardoise) that is used to construct the cabins and stone walls of the region, a slate that is highly valued and has been historically used for building roofs at the monastery of Grande Chartreuse. As a direct reflection of the pristine and qualitative wines that are produced from this Domaine.

These wines are truly exceptional and showcase both complexity and elegance. As importers of Savoie wines, we take great pride in a region filled with producers presenting remarkable craftsmanship. Just a stone's throw away from Burgundy, it is a neighbour to my childhood home and I enjoy seeing it grow in stature each year as individuals like Brice Omont lead the charge to showcasing their wines around the world. 

Brice Omont and Michel Gisard have gained recognition comparable to that of Burgundy through their quiet yet impressive winemaking talents. Their talents have been cultivated over the past 25 years. It was in 1998 that a dedicated team embarked on resurrecting two steep and rocky areas that had been overgrown by forests, the beginning of Domaine des Ardoisières.

From the Grand Cru of Savoie, enjoy these Coteau de Cevin wines today crafted from high-quality vines of Persan and Mondeuse, as well as Altesse, Roussanne, and Jacquère.