Domaine 47°N3°E | A New Chablis Estate

Domaine 47°N3°E | A New Chablis Estate

Standing at the crossroads of latitude 47° North and longitude 3° East our latest Chablis producer, Guillaume Michaut, cultivates three confidential plots in the heart of Chablis. Crisp, refreshing, and powerful wines of Domaine 47°N3°E have found a place within our portfolio and I am excited to share the range with you today.

Guillaume works alone on these vines first planted by his grandfather on the slopes of the village of Beines. An early adopter in Chablis, his grandfather took his time and ensured quality plantings were established around his village of Beines, earning the village its Chablis appellation recognition almost single handedly.

From a young age Guillaume was among the vines and cellars with his father, learning the trade with a drive so strong that he began formulating his own ideas and styles for the family wines. Upon the passing of his father it became a lot more apparent that his vision was starkly different to that of his uncle’s, this was the moment Domaine 47°N3°E was born. Branching out on his own in 2018, taking his small share of family vines under his label, Guillaume began establishing his own cuvees in the vast Chablis region.

Keenly working year after year, he is exploring how each cuvée can obtain a fair balance between the typicity of the soils, the character of the grape variety and human intervention. The vineyards under his name represent just over one hectare of vines in total; 0.4 hectares of Chablis in Vau Brou and a 0.6 hectare block in the Premier Cru of Beauroy. Guillaume’s holding was planted in 1980 and sits just outside the town of Beines in the lieu-dit Côte de Savant, with an additional 2 hectares of Petit Chablis added more recently in 2020.

The vineyards are all proudly organically grown, with the whole process being of low-intervention winemaking. With the philosophies of respecting the terroir and vineyard central to his own production, he opted to name his domaine after the place (his home town of Beines at 47°N3°E) and not his own name.

Please enjoy this revolutionary Chablis collection today.

Tasting Notes


The Petit Chablis offers a delicately zesty nose of white flowers, with a soft touch of peach skin. Vibrant, with a well-shaped structure, it reveals a fleshy and smooth mouth with an elegant hint of salinity.


Subtle flowery blend, with tangy citrus notes, palate hanging from a fresh and chiseled line, this cuvée is a beautiful incursion into my terroir of Chablis.

Planted in 2000 by my father Christian Michaut, this 39 ares vineyard is located in a micro valley in my native village. Like all the vines exploited at Domaine 47°N 3°E, I have been cultivating this vine since 2017 using organic farming techniques in view of obtaining AB approval in three years.


This wine gives a fairly rich and persistent aromatic character, with notes of ripe fruit. It is a wine to keep for a few years. Gourmet, full-bodied with subtle iodine notes with some hints of wood, this first vintage offers a beautiful step into Guillaume's terroir of Chablis Premier Cru.

Among the three cuvées from Domaine 47°N 3°E, the Chablis Premier Cru Côte de Savant is the wine most marked by my imprint. The Côte de Savant being a locality of the Beauroy appellation, I make a selection of trellises to produce this cuvée. The grapes are harvested manually, rigorously sorted in order to keep the healthiest and ripest fruits. The watchword at the sorting table: “imagine that the press is your belly, so keep the grapes you want to eat and throw the rest away."