Discover Domaine Marc Roy from Gevrey-Chambertin

Discover Domaine Marc Roy from Gevrey-Chambertin

Alexandrine Roy from Domaine Marc Roy wrote an open letter to Clos Cachet’s clients to introduce her sumptuous Domaine. Have a good read.

Dear All,

Please let me introduce myself! I am Alexandrine Roy, fourth generation owner-vinegrower-winemaker from Domaine Marc Roy, small familial estate located in Gevrey-Chambertin, Burgundy.

The adventure of the estate started with a few blocks of vines, of which Marc’s grandfather was the owner and nowadays, thanks to the efforts of each of us, the estate is now composed of almost 4 hectares.

3.5 are planted with Pinot Noir to produce the prestigious Gevrey-Chambertin, declined in four distinctive “Cuvées” which are:

  • “Vieilles Vignes” made from a selection of the oldest vines of the estate (about 70 years old).
  • “La Justice” made from a single little block I purchased in 2010, (first vintage in 2011) located next to the estate on a beautiful sandy and rocky terroir.
  • “Clos Prieur” made from a specific “Terroir”, surrounded by the Grands Crus and just below the prestigious “Mazis-Chambertin”.
  • “Cuvée Alexandrine” first created in 2005 and made from a selection of “millerandées” grapes on six of my favourites blocks (so double selection of grapes/places).
  • Finally, the 0.5 hectares remaining are planted with Chardonnay to produce a rare white Marsannay «Les Champs Perdrix».

The production is entirely commercialized in bottles, and we pay lot of attention and care from the vines to the bottles to produce the best and authentic wines as possible.

The benefit of an ideal exposure, «Terroirs» of exception, work of the soil, and vines strictly trained constantly during the growing season produce pure and concentrated fruit, the first condition to elaborate a top quality wine.

The limitation of the yield is one of the most important point to get the best possible fruit.

For this, a lot of work is necessary in the vineyard, including the removal of the suckers, followed by the removal of all undesirable shoots. Finally, green harvest is practiced.

During harvest in September, careful hand-picking is done in order to respect the grapes, which will be transported in little shallow boxes to the winery.

There, winemaking takes place. It is the result of a successful alchemy between the use of traditional methods, and modern tools.

For example, «pigeage» (punch down) is still done by foot, but the winery is completely equipped with stainless steel tanks.

The wines are matured in French oak barrels for about eleven months to respect the expression of the grapes, terroirs and vintage.

Proportion of new oak will varies regarding the vintage and the different “cuvées”.

Later on, the wines will be bottled on the estate and it will rest in our cellars till the “last moment” (shipment) in perfect storage conditions.

I managed by myself the estate since 2003 (even if my parents are still working with me) right after my wine studies, a training period in Australia in 2004 and a wine experience in New-Zealand in 2005.

Nowadays, Domaine Marc Roy’s wines are very well represented in wide world in the best spots, restaurants, wine bars, ect…And I am proud today that it is now arriving to you very soon thanks to Alexandre and his passion and knowledges about Burgundy wines.

Now, I hope you’ll enjoy my wines as much as I took pleasure to craft them…



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