Champagne Dehours | Explore the Vallée de la Marne

Champagne Dehours | Explore the Vallée de la Marne

An astounding and driven winemaker with skills beyond many. This is Jerome Dehours. The one who has risen the bar even further with the introduction of a new range of Champagnes from the Marne Valley.

Not one to remain complacent, Jerome has battled the recent climactic hazards with a new development of a negoce Champagne label, Terriscope. As a man who creates bold and finessed Meunier wines year after year, it was not acceptable to use sub-par grapes in his grand cuvees so he looked to his neighbours for the sharing of grapes to continue to celebrate the Champagne region as a whole. 

With the Dehours family's willingness to try new options, they have taken this step aside from their historic approach of the estate, by relying on the strong relationships forged over the years with wine-growers from nearby villages. Selecting to work with neighbours who share in the same vision of their art, Champagne Dehours have created this new range.

Produced from selected purchases, these cuvées express each year terroirs close to the Dehours estate. From 2020 harvest, Jerome and his family have positioned themselves well with grape purchases from wine-growers located in the villages of the Marne Valley. His active participation in the Artisans du Champagne has furthered his connection with his friends and fellow winegrowers of the region, as in France one winemaker's success is a success for the whole region.

"For each wine to succeed in giving you an emotion, we also know that we must reveal ourselves and agree to offer a part of ourselves to give birth to singular wines, wines of authors, impregnated with our personality..." - les Artisans du Champagne

Terriscope – Vallée de la Marne 2016

Capitalizing on their expertise and privileged relationships with close wine-growers, Jerome wishes to build up and show a selection of cuvées elaborated from grapes coming from terroirs in his neighbourhood.

End of last year, they launched a first champagne from vintage 2016. It was the expression of Meunier ripened on different hillsides of the Marne Valley. This cuvée has seduced everyone by its freshness and purity. Disgorged at our estate in April 2022, with a dosage of 1 gr/l (Extra Brut), it showed its distinction from their own estate production with different cultural choices, winemaking, ageing but through the personal vision of the wine-grower.

Terriscope – Rive Droite NV

This second wine brings us on the right bank of the Marne Valley, on the opposite to the Dehours family vineyards that are all located on the left bank. This is the reason for calling it Rive Droite, Right Bank.

Made of pure Meunier from Montigny-sous-Chatillon village, facing the village of Cerseuil. It is a blend of 90% of 2020 harvest and 10% of 2019. Bottled in April 2021, the first disgorgement was done at our estate in February 2023, with a dosage of 1 gr/l (Extra Brut). Rive Droite is a great expression of Meunier, vibrant, very well balanced, with a great vivacity.