Burgundy: The village of Monthélie from the inside

Burgundy: The village of Monthélie from the inside

Monthélie area of production:

1 hectare (ha) = 10,000 m2 = 24 “ouvrées”

Reds : 106.38 ha (including 34.31 ha Premier Cru)

Whites : 12.96 ha (including 1.69 ha Premier Cru)

The village of Monthélie is ideally nestled between the village of Meursault and Volnay. As Burgundian author Pierre Poupon puts it: ” Prettily nestled into the curve of the hillside like the head of Saint John against the shoulder of Jesus, Monthélie resembles a Tuscan village”.

From Meursault, the village of Monthélie seems to be on a pedestal, small and surrounded by vineyards. There is only one main road. Its houses are beautifully built on the steep slop and among them is a charming Chateau. The village was owned by the very influent abbey of Cluny and so, some fine wine cellars were built. Today, Monthélie is still flying under the radar because of the very small amount of wine made each vintage but be assured, there are some remarkable wines being produced in this village and the connoisseurs are always very quick to get their hands on it. The whites are even rarer with only 13Ha of vineyard planted with Chardonnay grapes. Clos Cachet gives you access to:

Domaine Rougeot – Monthélie “Les Toisières” 2012

Facing south and south-east, the vineyards of Monthélie lie on pebbly Bathonien limestone overlain by red clay and marl. Some of the vines are growing on the Volnay side of the village, and some on the Auxey-Duresses side where the rock is Argovien limestone and exposures are easterly (Auxey-Duresses side) or westerly (Volnay side). Altitudes are between 270-320 metres.

“Climats” classified as 1er Cru:

*Climat refers to a named plot of vineyard.

  • Clos des Toisières
  • La Taupine
  • Le Cas Rougeot
  • Le Château Gaillard
  • Le Clos Gauthey
  • Le Clou des Chênes
  • Le Meix Bataille
  • Le Village
  • Les Barbières
  • Les Champs Fulliots
  • Les Clous
  • Les Duresses
  • Les Riottes
  • Les Vignes Rondes
  • Sur la Velle

“Climats” classified as Village:

*Climat refers to a named plot of vineyard.

  • Aux Fournereaux
  • Danguy
  • La Combe Danay
  • La Goulotte
  • La Petite Fitte
  • Le Meix de Mypont
  • Le Meix de Ressie
  • Le Meix Garnier
  • Les Champs Ronds
  • Les Crays
  • Les Darnées
  • Les Gamets
  • Les Hauts Brins
  • Les Jouènes
  • Les Longères
  • Les Mandènes
  • Les Plantes
  • Les Rivaux
  • Les Romagniens
  • Les Sous-Courts
  • Les Sous-Roches
  • Les Toisières
  • Monthelie
  • Sous le Cellier

Please see below the map of the village with the different plots named and delimited.

Source: BIVB.