Grassl Glass

Every Grassl Glass is handmade by artisans with over 30 years of glass blowing experience. The result of their skill is a glass with remarkable precision, highest quality materials and unbelievable thinness that feels weightless in your hand. All shapes were developed with the feedback of world renowned winemakers to establish a clear benchmark for how their wines should unfold and be enjoyed by everyone.

 Today, a number of very talented winemakers are already using Grassl glass to show the best side of their wines at the Domaine:


  • Ferdinand (Château Palmer)
Rhône Valley:

Grassl Glass - The New Phenomenon

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Grassl Glass - The New Phenomenon

Swiss Design + Mouth Blown

Every Grassl Glass is handmade by a specifically trained artisan, carefully inflating molten glass encased in a carved wooden mould. This method is known as mould-blowing.

Step 1 - Gathering molten glass

The artisan starts the process by gathering a piece of molten glass from the furnace with a blowpipe. Once the correct amount is withdrawn, the molten glass is then pre-shaped.

Step 2 - Blowing into the wooden mould

Next, the pre-shaped molten glass is encased in a handmade wooden mould and carefully inflated. The artisan has extensive experience to not only gather the correct amount of molten glass, but also to blow it beautifully and uniformly.

Step 3 - Pulling the stem

After the glass is fully inflated and removed from the mould, the stem is pulled to the exact specified length. Once the correct length is achieved, the stem is straightened through further rotting the glass.

Step 4 - Attaching & forming the base

To achieve our signature balance stem design, a ball of molten glass is attached to the end of the stem and flattened to a specified diameter and thickness.

Step 5 - Slow cooling down & cracking off

The glasses are gradually cooled from 500°C to room temperature, necessary for improving durability & hardness. A straight line is then etched along the rim and a burner is used to crack off the cap from the bowl. The final steps are the sanding of the rim and fire- polishing to smooth out any edges.

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All of our glasses are crafted from lead-free crystal. The glass is processed in such a way that they are balanced, light and durable. Multiple heating and cooling cycles, coupled with tempering the mouth will give you the highest quality of glass.


It requires 5 artisans to create a mouth-blown glass. Each of the production steps requires years of apprenticeship before being deemed experienced enough to create these glasses. Their ability to recreate a unique product with exceptionally similar tolerances and consistency is remarkable.


Our quality checks are meticulous and only the very best stems will make it into the customer's hands. All glasses that do not pass the inspections are 100% recycable without a loss in purity and quality.