Colgin Cellars

Colgin Cellars

The rise and rise of Colgin Cellars is born of owner Ann Colgin’s dedication and passion. The illustrious Napa Valley estate is located in the picturesque Pritchard Hill, St Helena, high above lake Hennessy – home to very unique rocky volcanic soils. The winery produces four wines made from three main sites (IX Estate, Cariad and Tychson Hill). Colgin Cellars is regarded by esteemed wine writer Robert Parker as “one of the fifty greatest wine estates in the world”.

Ann Colgin, a former art and antiques dealer, trained with Sotheby’s in London. It was here where she was introduced to the world of fine wine. In the early 90s, she became the head of the West Coast wine auctions for Sotheby’s. During her time there, she built a terrific network among wine collectors and eventually grew a deep passion for the production of wine. She began her wine journey humbly, in a rented space in Napa Valley with Helen Turley – a now, much celebrated winemaker.

During these early days, she met her husband, Joe Wender, a banker and passionate wine collector. Wender is famed for his impressive wine collection and passion for Burgundian wines. He also has multiple investments in top restaurants and wineries including the French Laundry in Yountville and Domaine Camille Giroud in Burgundy. Colgin and Wender make the perfect pair of wine aficionados. They are respectful of process, greatly skilled and share a commitment to quality.

Colgin Cellars Wines

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Colgin Cellars Wines

In 1996, Colgin bought a historical cottage on Tychson Hill to the North of St Helena. The cottage was constructed in 1880 and was home to Napa Valley’s first female winemaker Josephine Tychson. At the time of purchase, the house was in very poor shape and the original vineyards had been subdivided and sold off. Furthermore, many of Tychson’s vineyards were destroyed during prohibition. Ann Colgin made it her mission to reform and restore the estate.  One of the most magnificent sites, Tychson Hill, was replanted in 1997 and the first vintage released in 2000.

Founded in 1992, Colgin Cellars produces distinctive red wines of harmony and precision. They express the intensity and luscious fruit of the Napa Valley with unique freshness, perfume and minerality. It took Ann Colgin many years to isolate unique pieces of land to produce these prime wines.

Today, Colgin Cellars makes four wines out of four different Napa Valley sites:

IX Estate: A 20-acre vineyard carved out of a magnificent 125-acre parcel, varying in slope from gentle to steep, with elevations ranging from 1150-1350 feet above sea level. Located high above Lake Hennesey on a secluded mountaintop in the Pritchard Hill area of St. Helena, it is nestled in hillsides of rocky volcanic soils, and embraced by a very agreeable climate. Wine connoisseur and critic Robert Parker considers IX ESTATE “…as close to a viticultural nirvana as I’ve ever seen.” Two wines come out of this vineyard: IX Estate red and IX Estate Syrah.

Tychson Hill: First planted in 1881, the property consists of approximately four acres of Cabernet Sauvignon, with several vine rows of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot. The signature terroir features a rocky east-facing slope containing some of the rarest volcanic soil in Napa Valley, known as Aiken Very Stony Loam. It imparts distinctive floral, earthy, ethereal notes to a wine exemplary of Colgin Cellars’ offerings.

Cariad: From three vineyards owned and managed by David Abreu (Madrona Ranch, Trevilos and Howell Mountain) comes a Bordeaux-style wine of enormous proportions and an appropriately self styled “legend in the making.”

Clos Cachet is honoured to be the exclusive importer of Colgin Cellars wines in Australia. They represent Napa Valley at its finest and are some of the greatest wines available today.

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