Grassl Decanter Paired with Alliet Chinon

Grassl Decanter Paired with Alliet Chinon



  • Domaine Philippe Alliet - Chinon "Coteau de Noiré" 2016

    This wine is widely considered by critics to be in the pantheon of Chinon wines; the nose is full and complex with notes of dark fruit, fresh coffee beans, subtle vanilla and pepper. The taste is full bodied and refined with firm tannins. It can be paired with game dishes, beef stew and strong cheeses. This amazing wine could be cellared for more than ten years. However, you can drink this wine sooner by decanting for 45 minutes before serving. 100% Cabernet Franc.

  • Grassl Glass - Vigneron Series "Decanter"

    The Vigneron Series features four purposefully designed bowl shapes, each capturing a winemaker’s intent for a particular region. The series is completed by this ultra-light and versatile decanter for even more demanding wines. A classic shape to aerate young and old wines. A decanter to complete your Grassl Glass Vigneron Series. Design Features: Compact, Ultralight, Handmade, Versatile